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Fulfilling 5G Potential with XR

InceptionXR partners with leading Telecommunications organizations to provide their customers with high resolution immersive experiences, increasing education engagement, brand loyalty and revenue generation


Unique, exclusive, vivid experiences, using AR/3D immersive content will differentiate your offering through unmatched engagement rates


Offering parents kids’ content they will be happy about, InceptionXR quality screen time is used by millions globally, proven to increase literacy, language and reading skills.


Present 5G networks effectiveness to existing and potential customers through rich, engaging content for enhanced customer loyalty.

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LG utilized InceptionXR expertise and technology to launch its Korean AR library + IPTV channel in 2019. Dual language content in English and Korean was leveraged for reading and English as Second Language for kids in Korea. Special promotion as an integral part of LG UPlus marketing campaigns in 2020 and 2021.

LG UPlus AR Library


AT&T 5G Showcase

AT&T chose InceptionXR’s Bookful app to showcase its 5G service to their customers, mainly families. Project offering included Bookful app books, as well as ten “Enter the World'' highly immersive AR experiences. Results showed the average time per visit was increased by 50% to 50 minutes/visit.

Verizon Project - Cloud Rendering

The Leading telecommunication mobile provider
in the US, Verizon, explored providing ultra high resolution VR educational experiences for children over 5G network through InceptionXR cloud rendering and low-latency technology platform.

cloud rendering.png

Singtel’s 5G Content Engagement

Singtel, Singapore’s leading telco and one of the world’s most innovative companies, partnered with InceptionXR to launch Bookfil as part of its 5G welcoming package. Since February 2021, Singtel offers all its 5G users 3 months free use, with thousands of happy Singtel users.

China Telecom, AR Magic Library

China Telecom, one of China’s leading Telecommunication companies, with over 400M subscribers, chose Bookful as its AR reading app for kids. The project included on premise service availability, UI and content translation to Mandarin, and localized payment and service integration. The China Telecom AR Magic Library app was softly launched in Q3 2022 and already downloaded by over 200K users.

china telcom.png

True Digital’s Customer Experience

True Digital, Thailand’s leading Telecommunication company, with over 40M subscribers, partnered with InceptionXR for an exclusive offering of Bookful app to its 5G users. True Digital offered Bookful in a 3 months free subscription for its 5G users as an integral part of its marketing strategy to improve customer experience and service value.

OPTUS Australia Launching
New Samsung Device

OPTUS, one of Australia’s leading Telecommunications companies, selected InceptionXR to develop a “5G Animals World” mini app. Samsung partnered with OPTUS to launch the “5G animal World” app with Galaxy S20 FE 5G device launch to increase customer value for a successful market introduction. The app includes three animal books: Clark The Shark, Laughing Giraffe, Dinosaur Days and a variety of educational activities.

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Globe Telecom’s Loyalty Enhancement

Globe Telecom, the Philippines leading Telecommunication company, with over 70M subscribers, partnered with InceptionXR for an exclusive offering of the Bookful app to its 5G users. Globe Telecom included Bookful in a 3 months free subscription to enhance 5G users enrollment and retention.

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