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Increase Engagement through Immersive Content

We help commercial brands and entertainment companies establish high end perception through a variety of descriptive, visionary and enjoyable immersive experiences


Leverage immersive content to encourage customers and partners understanding of product and brand benefits highlights.


Deliver differentiative qualities, history and core values through unique compositions animation and live action shooting.


Create unique, enjoyable and engaging experiences through immersive technology that brings product usage to life.

Audi - Holoride Product

Launched November 2022

InceptionXR has been chosen by the Audi-Holoride project to deliver its Bookful XR experience as part of the Holoride VR for Audi cars, enhancing product, brand perception and loyalty.

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InceptionVR 360 Platform

Inception established the world’s leading VR entertainment platform and app in 2016, creating an abundance of proprietary VR and  content created in partnership with leading creators and brands. Inception’s app was ranked among the top 50 most popular entertainment apps in the IOS App store and #2 in Virtual Reality apps.

The Bacardi Immersive Experience

Together with Bacardi, InceptionXR demonstrated 3D scanning on small and large scale capabilities, maximizing realism to describe the essence of Vodka to be presented in the “Grey Goose '' house in the South of France. We were asked to create an experience that describes the essence of Vodka to be presented in the “Grey Goose” house in the South of France.


Thomas Book Surprise

InceptionXR created a high-resolution kids entertainment pilot, a 3D Bookful app format for home screen. We leveraged multiple shooting angels for a lifelike video, a new immersive experience format.

The Dali Museum Jurney

Dali museum in Girona, Italy searched for a VR project in collaboration to showcase the artist and museum history in a realistic manner, supporting Dali’s brand positioning with the right look and feel. This is the first of additional Museum XR journeys to come, demonstrating large objects 3D scanning for a lifelike experience.


Aroma Cafe Advertisement

“Coffee’s Journey'' advertisement for Aroma Cafe, the largest Israeli chain of coffee places, leveraged InceptionXR’s high resolution VR technology.

Clark the Shark in 360º 3D

InceptionXR created a high-resolution kids entertainment pilot, a 3600 “Clark the Shark” book video. This is an extension of the Bookful app content, leveraging immersive experiences formats variety.

Clarck the shark

RTL Germany News App

The German RTL entertainment conglomerate joined forces with InceptionXR for an immersive tour of the Rijksmuseum Museum. Now painting can truly come to life through Augmented Reality, telling their stories.

Timeout Magazine London Tours

InceptionXR created the world’s first VR magazine as part of a long-term collaboration with TimeOut London. Visiting places we usually only read about, enjoying new immersive ways to experience top-10 TimeOut listings


Entertainment & Brands Partners

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