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About Us

The Quest

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Our Story

Founded in 2016, InceptionXR evolved as an EdTech software house, specializing in immersive media for great learning outcomes through a VR, AR and 3D platform, slowly becoming the K-12 educational content vendor of choice for telecommunications and publishing industries. 


As the InceptionXR immersive learning language developed to become the gold standard of eLearning, COVID-19 challenges and the extreme burden on healthcare personnel did not leave our team indifferent, we decided it was time to go on a new venture with a new focus pillar in improving healthcare learning through smart, advanced solutions.

We envision healthcare systems embedding a more effective learning support and habits, just like in the education industry, amiably guided towards better best practices and improved patients wellbeing and care.

Leadership Team

Benny Arbel.png

Benny Arbel

Founder & CEO

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Ariel Geva.png

Ariel Geva

 VP Business Development

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Effi Wizen.png

Effi Wizen

Founder & CCO

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Meytal Sedaka_edited_edited.png

Meytal Sedaka

VP Product

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Andrew Mendoza

Founder & CSO

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Oren Carmel.png

Oren Carmel


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Better Learning, for Everyone, Everywhere.

InceptionXR is dedicated to providing accessible, better methodologies to acquire education or professional training capabilities for any organization seeking to enrich their team or customers with a fun, vivid and effective immersive learning experience. InceptionXR technology dramatically improves learning outcomes through unique content powered by Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and the InceptionXR creative language.

Board Members

Gigi Levi.png

Gigi Levi-Weis

Founder & General Partner NFX

  • LinkedIn
Chet Fenster.png

Chet Fenseter

Head of Programming at
Motion Content Group

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Dana Porter.png

Dana Porter

Founder & Board member

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Mor Assia.png

Mor Assia

Founding Partner& Co-CEO


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David Lazarus.png

David Lazzarus

Board Member

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Tobias Schwik.png

Tobias Schiwek

CEO at We Are Era-
Bertelsmann Group

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