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Better Care through Advanced XR Training

Empowering caregivers with improved learning and training through XR immersive experiences, increasing educational and clinical outcomes and reducing associated cost

Unmatched Versatility and Flexibility

InceptionXR’s technology enables digestion of any content type to a vivid, multi sensory immersive experience, enabling flexibility that achieves learning goals through a variety of solutions to multiple industries


Generating dedicated nurses and physicians continued education, training and assessment programs, enabling better accessibility to curriculums in a compelling manner that will help exceed clinical and educational outcomes, in a short time frame.



InceptionXR technology helps simulate complex imaging, surgical procedural or other medical devices mode of operation, promote independent learning and increase long term practical learning efficacy in a cost effective manner.


From R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing to physicians’ training, our Healthcare solution helps pharma companies and medical professionals to accumulate vast, elaborated knowledge and know-how through a variety of theoretical and practical immersive experiences that simulate real-life situations.


Infection Prevention and Control

CDC Program

As experts in the VR / XR education field, InceptionXR acknowledges the transformational change our technology can bring to healthcare continued learning and hands-on training, therefore a new collaboration was formed to launch a CDC funded Prevention and Control (IPC) nurses’ application, enabling accessibility to the CDC curriculum in an engaging manner that will help exceed required best practices standards in the shortest, most effective time frame.

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Nurse Training Platform

InceptionXR’s collaborates with healthcare organizations and nursing schools to enable nurses to be trained anytime, anywhere. From hygiene, PPE, infection control, IV medications, subcutaneous, intramuscular, orals to  catheterisation, ECG, tracheostomy and more. Curriculums are transformed to easily absorbed immersive experiences, preserving knowledge and know how for the long run.

Pharma & Medical Device Sales' Educational Tools

Our platform supports pharmaceuticals and medical device companies, educating physicians and administrators on the benefits of new medications and devices through advanced training and instructional software tools. InceptionXR creates an abundance of immersive environments to conduct personalized or group training, discussions and demonstrations.

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InceptionXR Learning Benefits

& Affordability

Better Learning

Short Time to

Long Time



Confidence through Evidence

The unique capabilities of XR to enhance learning in the context of healthcare education was examined in numerous studies, proving a clear pedagogical basis for the use of XR in healthcare education, and its role is likely to evolve with changes in pedagogical theory. Translational research into learning outcomes is still in its infancy, but the results to date are extremely promising. XR implementation must focus on facilitating the interaction between students, teachers, and the learning environment and has the potential to cause a paradigm shift in healthcare education, more likely to be successful if a learner-centered approach is adopted

Future World of Medicine

Teva Pharmaceuticals

InceptionXR worked with Teva to develop a futuristic world of medicine concept through a dedicated immersive experience, including compositing of live action into a graphic world, performed by stereoscopic vision. InceptionXR generated CGI video, shooting live action on green screen and manifested the scenes in 3D.

Healthcare Partners

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