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Transforming IPC competency with next-generation
virtual reality simulation

Hospital Associated Infections:
An unsolved challenge

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a major cause of death, extended patients stays, readmissions and overall financial burden worldwide.
Effective Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) requires a new approach to healthcare teams’ training.

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Driving high reliability IPC practices with
VR simulation

Nurses and other healthcare professionals use VR simulation to safely practice
8 scenarios with growing complexity around IPC practices.

Each scenario involves two medical procedures

Both training and assessment modes

Scenarios for both adult patients and pediatrics

Realistic interruptions resulting in cognitive burden

Scoring and a personalized feedback around levels of cross contamination and
IPC protocols

Additional scenarios
are added regularly

Deep analytics and integration with 3rd
party LMS

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Medical procedures covered

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PIV Insertion

Frame 26.png

IV Medication

Frame 25.png

Stool Specimen

Frame 28.png

Wound care

Frame 27.png

NGT Insertion

Frame 30.png

Foley Catheter Insertion

Frame 29.png

Toileting in bed

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Designed to fit nurses’ hectic routine

A convenient VR training cart that can move from unit to unit, enabling time efficiencies and short sessions.

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‘Little and often’ approach

Quarterly training cycles with 15-30 minutes sessions, maximizing knowledge retention and behavioral change.

proven methodologies

Implementing knowledge retention best practices and adult learning principles: Assessing, training, applying, and reassessing skills.

This, together with highly relevant “hands-on” scenarios that are  applicable to nurses’ real-world environments creates an efficient,

scalable and highly effective training program.

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Reshaping IPC behavior for significant impact


Reduced HAIs related fines, penalties and readmissions


Reduced cost of nurse turnover


Reduced HAIs
implications and deaths


Improved hospital star rating and performance measures

Virtual Reality is coming to the mainstream

More scalable and cost effective
than physical
simulation center

Fun and engaging for nurses of
all ages

Long time

Short time
to impact

Increased confidence in practicing skills

Here’s what healthcare professionals are saying

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CNE, a major US system

“We need to try a new approach to IPC - our results just have not improved - it’s like the saying: trying the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result is a sign of madness”


Implement the IPC practices that your
patients and staff deserve

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