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Oren Carmel


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Oren is InceptionXR’s VP of R & D, from technical vision and platform architecture to managing day-to-day development, QA
, and project execution. Previous to that Oren was a Senior Backend Engineer and then led back-end development. 


Oren has been coding since childhood, and is entirely self-taught, completing multiple courses in topics such as computer science, psychology, and media studies at the Open University of Israel. 


Before InceptionXR, Oren helped build the backend system for Gett, a leading mobility start-up (Unicorn), and was the technical lead in Fixel, a leading AdTech start-up,  and worked on multiple diverse projects, such as building an NLP-based program for detecting the veracity and consistency of posts on social media.


Oren’s vast development experience in leading projects for backend systems, Unity games, machine learning, and web applications is part of InceptionXR’s innovative and technological edge.

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