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Meytal Sedaka

VP Product

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Meytal is InceptionXR’s VP of Product leading all of InceptionXR's product efforts, from vision and strategy building to managing and carrying out all product-related projects.  She has vast experience developing XR products for children, adults, and telcos and authoring tools for scaling development. Before leading InceptionXR’s product, Meytal was the head of global content production and led numerous XR experiences development for leasing customers like Bacardi, Fashion TV, and others.


Before InceptionXR, Meytal had an extensive history in producing AR & and VR content, including leading the creation of a VR web series, Spotlight Effect, and being an assistant director of a Cannes Film Festival short. 


Meytal is a Tel Aviv University graduate majoring in Film and television and has completed screenwriting and UX design courses. Her work experience includes startup business development, operation management management, design, and production.

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