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Benny Arbel

Benny Arbel

Founder & CEO

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Benny Arbel is the founder and CEO of InceptionXR.
InceptionXR is a leading XR content and learning platform, revolutionizing k-12 educational content and curricula through Rich-XR, advanced pedagogical methodology, and sea change technology. Benny has been leading InceptionXR since its inception, through seed and A-Round investments and reaching $5 Million in revenues and profitability in 2021 and 2022. 


Benny is a pioneer in the field of mobile content and marketing. He began his career as an IP lawyer and quickly pivoted to tech. Prior to Inception, Benny was the founder and CEO of myThings, a leading programmatic advertising platform. Before this, he was Associate VP for NASDAQ-100 company Comverse, where he established and ran the mobile content division. He is a seasoned executive and has several additional successful startups under his belt.


Benny holds an LLB in Law from the University of Reading in the UK.

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